Tuesday, November 23, 2010

100 pit bulls being rescued from dog fighting operation

Search warrants are currently being executed for suspected dog fighting operations in South Georgia in two separate raids underway in Berrien and Cook counties.  More than 100 pit bulls are involved.
Norred & Associates Inc, an Atlanta private investigation and security firm, initiated the dog fighting investigations approximately six months ago.  Information and evidence was provided to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the District Attorney’s office of the Alapaha Judicial Circuit. This information was confirmed by the GBI.  As a result, search warrants were obtained by the GBI and are being executed in cooperation with law enforcement officials in Berrien and Cook counties.  
According to Norred Investigator Chuck Simmons, a number of observations during the course of the investigation prompted today’s raids. “The pit bulls were observed with severe scarring on their muzzles and forelegs consistent with wounds observed in other dog fighting operations,” said Simmons. “There were additional forms of abuse including lack of water and food and emaciated dogs. The dogs were being maintained in a manner that has been observed in other dog fighting operations.“
The Atlanta Humane Society, working in conjunction with Norred and local law enforcement, has deployed its HEART, or Humane Emergency Animal Rescue Team, to help triage and transport the rescued dogs.
For over three years, Greg Norred, CEO and Founder of Norred & Associates, has contributed his company’s expertise and financial resources to investigating suspected dog fighting in Georgia and surrounding states. Twenty-six raids have resulted in 48 arrests of individuals involved and rescues of 600 dogs. In addition to their investigations, the company has instituted a toll-free animal cruelty hotline—1.877.215.2250—that enables private citizens to report dog fighting and other cases of suspected animal abuse anonymously.

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